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Wanderlust Delicato in Downtown Spokane HOW IT WORKS

Wanderlust Wine Club is carefully selected for you. We find wines with a story, a connection to the people, land, culture and history that make it unique. Often the wines we select are made in small batches and hard to find. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed picking them out.

Being a part of our wine club, you will receive a personalized bin located in our shop for you to come enjoy in store or grab and go on with your day. With your wines you will also have tasting and pairing notes that will be customized to the wines hand-picked for the month. 

You get to choose the price level and quantity of each you’d like stocked in your bin monthly. What we do is charge your credit card within a week prior to pick up which will be the first Thursday of each month. We have no membership fees, no bin storage fees. You may customize your bin each month or stick with the plan you sign up with! The only thing we require is a $60 per month minimum. You can get there with 1 bottle or 3!

Wanderlust Delicato in Downtown Spokane


To sign up for your own bin, fill out the form and pick one or more of our priced categories, that’s it. We will contact you regarding payment or gift arrangements and do the rest. You may want to mix it up with red one time and whites the next month, local or import. Follow the link on this page and get signed up today for your first experience of Wanderlust.

Wine Club Sign Up

Locavore Club

Featuring the best wines from the Pacific Northwest including our very own Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and we'll event include California.

Locavore $20 price point

Locavore $40 price point

Locavore $60 price point

Passport Club

Enjoy the best from around the world in the city you love.

Passport $20 price point

Passport $40 price point

Passport $60 price point

Not only do you get a space within the shop to hold your wine, but we will be offering 10% off everything at Wanderlust, no corkage fees on any bottles enjoyed in-store and priority booking for any special events. Join today!

Wanderlust Delicato on Main Street in Downtown Spokane